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My Story

My name is Shenna and I was born in the ceiling of a pub with 3 other siblings.  My parents, I must confess, were rather feral.  One day, I fell through the  open manhole into a store room and the next day, my siblings joined me.

I was lucky to be chosen to be the Pub Cat and my siblings went to the pet shop to be adopted.

Suzie, the little terrier was my first doggie companion and when she went to doggie heaven, I was joined by a cute little Bichon Frise called Chouxbear and later on, we were joined by her sister, Coquette.

We have had a great life together.  We have traveled and lived in all sorts of places.

(See below the photo of the three of us)

However, it is now time for me to do something different, so I have helped put together this great selection of products for your own very special pets.  I know that they will love whatever you choose.

Get 10% off your first order today (automatically applied at checkout)The three of us traveling in the car